Tuesday, 2 January 2018

TNL Car Title Loans College Scholarship Program.

TNL Car Title Loans College Scholarship Program To qualify for the 2017 scholarship students must show academic excellence, community involvement, and personal character. 

Students will be chosen on their merits. The eligibility requirements for this scholarship are: 

• Be enrolled in a college. 

• Exhibit notable achievements. 

• At least one year of academic excellence. 

To apply for the scholarship, submit the items below by e-mail to: scholarships@thenetlender.com. 

Scholarship Application Items: 

• A statement summarizing why he/she needs this scholarship and what he/she plans on pursuing for a career. In addition, include any notable achievements. Must be no more than 500 words. 

• High school or college transcripts for the last year only. 

• At least 2 letters of recommendation covering personal character. 

Ideally these letters should come from a manager, coach, or teacher/professor. Completed applications should be e-mailed to scholarships@thenetlender.com by October 15th, 2017. 

Scholarship winners will be notified November 15th, and will be awarded before December 15th. 

Awards will be paid in the form of a cashier’s check directly to the school. If you have any questions please e-mail us at: scholarships@thenetlender.com 

Sent in by Matt Jones.

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