Monday, 8 January 2018

Reflection of past and present.

Lots on my mind,
I’ve been laying back,
Feedbacks coming back now,

Who cares what they say?!

Lost his mind then,
Left his soul down,
That I got arrested,
Spent six days inside,

That I was almost deported!

Money low on me,
Free dinner at church,
Slept on snooker board,
Struggled but I hustled,

But God suddenly changed everything!

Flash backs frequent everyday,
111 days on a'bunk
Violence, fights, and hunger,
Made my egg solidified

Out; stranded on cold street!

Back to my clicks,
Soon God help me
Devote my time; serving

Moved from a corner guy...

yeah, to a business entrepreneur!

I'm not coming back,
I'm not looking back,
CHANGE on my mind,
Money I make everywhere

Until their country is mine!

By Olagunju, Success Taiwo.
Written from 22nd November, 2017 till 8th January, 2018

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